“Eric Plaag” Is Now “Carolina Historical Consulting, LLC”

CHC Logo

Last spring (May 2014), after twelve years as an independent, sole proprietor historical consultant operating primarily in South Carolina, I officially formed a new historical consulting firm, Carolina Historical Consulting, LLC. As my consulting business grew and projects became more complex over the last couple of years, it became necessary to build partnerships with other independent historians and historical technicians who could collaborate with me on providing the highest quality of service and skills to my clients. The creation of Carolina Historical Consulting, LLC, streamlines this process and improves efficiency, while maintaining the integrity, accuracy, and meticulousness for which I have been known for the entirety of my career. While many of our clients are still located in North and South Carolina, we also provide services in Virginia, Georgia, and Tennessee, as well as more distant locations by special arrangement.

Over the past year, I’ve slowly been attending to various logistical challenges that accompany this change, even though my clients know that I have quietly been operating under the new corporate name. Now it is time to “go public” with Carolina Historical Consulting, LLC. You can read more about what we do at our new website, and you can get regular updates about our activities at our Facebook page. This page (ericplaag.com) will remain up but largely will be a static space from here on.

While these changes mean that I sometimes partner with others to provide top-notch service to my firm’s clients, please rest assured that ALL projects completed by Carolina Historical Consulting, LLC, are directly supervised by me as the firm’s principal consultant. This will not change for the foreseeable future.

In the meantime, we’d love to hear from you about new projects you might have in mind.


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